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What seems like an effective records management solution at first can end up being disastrous for your business. This is why scanning and shredding are vital parts of a good records management solution. 

Do you know the impact of E-waste on the environment? In addition to creating a steady stream of toxins that flow into our environment (and eventually, into our bodies), tossing away electronic devices wastes a huge amount of raw materials that could be recycled. Learn how to properly recycle electronics.

It is essential for every business to create an effective disaster recovery plan and have it in place well in advance.

Use these tips to help you choose an Off-site Storage Facility for your Record Keeping needs.

The many benefits of using professional off-site record storage solutions.

Sustainable and recycled products for everyday life.

Some of the items you can recycle today will probably surprise you.  

The importance of tire recycling in today's environmentally conscious movement to reduce carbon footprints.

Ever consider the impact that food waste has on our society?

Are your doctors, attorneys, bankers, accountants and other professionals shredding your personal documents? You should ask.