Call 847-599-9700 to schedule an on-site shred day event at your location. Paper Tiger’s Mobile Shred Truck allows us to shred sensitive documents at your location for office, customer, or community.

With Mobile Shredding, you will know your sensitive documents are destroyed when we leave your location. We will arrive with a truck capable of shredding up to 10,000 pounds per load. Our driver will assist in placing the documents into the shred container before dumping the container content into the Mobile Shredder.

Call us to arrange your onsite shred event at 847-599-9700

Our standard three-hour Mobile Shred Event (where one of our Trucks shreds documents on the spot) isn’t the best format for every organization. So, here’s an even more convenient way to offer complimentary shredding: Host a 24-Hour Secure Document Collection Drive.

Here’s how it works:

  • You choose the day to host your Secure Document Collection Drive and promote it to your audience.
  • 1 or 2 days before your event, we deliver as many locked Totes as you need (each Tote holds 300 pounds). We set them up in cafeterias, warehouses, break rooms, lobbies — wherever you need them placed.
  • Throughout the day, at their convenience, your audience drops their documents into one of the locked Totes.
  • The next day, we pick up the Totes and take them back to our facility and shred all of the documents in our secure shredding room.

Shred Events are a great perk for clients, employees, members, or residents. They are also a smart way to get your employees to purge documents in their workspace that are no longer needed.

For pricing and more information about a Secure Document Collection Drive or Mobile Shred Event, call us, email us, or book an event using the tab below.