Document storage is the backbone of our offerings. 

Documents we store:

Hard-copy documents in various sized boxes, vital records, electronic files (tape, diskette, portable hard drives, other formats).


Our modern, secure record center includes a clean private warehouse, steel racking, advanced electronic security monitoring systems, heat/fire/smoke sensors, and a comprehensive sprinkler system.  Because we also own our building, our clients are ensured of greater stability: we are here to stay.

Tracking systems

Paper Tiger uses cutting-edge, bar-coding and inventory-tracking equipment.  We develop a customized bar coding and billing system for each set of documents.  This enables us to input many different information parameters detailing each box or each file within each box making it very easy to locate and retrieve your stored information.

Available reports

We can make available to our clients the following reports:

  • Box lists: This is a list of all boxes with bar-code number, client number, current status, add date, number of times accessed, (potential) destroy date and specific location. Optional information supplied includes: file type, size, date range and alphanumeric range.
  • Container activity over the month: This report indicates all activity by container, such as if it has been: destroyed, returned, and/or if it is out of our records retention center and the date it was removed.
  • Client cross-reference inventory report by client number.
  • Comprehensive report: This is a list of all files with bar code number, description, container number, current status, access count, add date and destroy date.
  • Complete cost breakouts by activity.

Clients served

We serve a wide variety of clients including:

  • Doctors Offices / Medical Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Law firms
  • Real Estate brokers
  • Insurance agents
  • Pharmacuetical firms
  • Financial firms