safe shredding

The importance of safeguarding your personal information and whether shredding at home is the right choice for you.

What happens to those documents after they’re shredded? Learn why using a professional company like Paper Tiger is beneficial in more ways than one. First, your documents are being disposed of in a manner that keeps your data safe. Second, once the shredding is done, the paper gets recycled. Here’s how it works.

What seems like an effective records management solution at first can end up being disastrous for your business. This is why scanning and shredding are vital parts of a good records management solution. 

Are your doctors, attorneys, bankers, accountants and other professionals shredding your personal documents? You should ask.

Security, cost and convenience are the reasons to use a Records Storage Company for business papers instead of a self storage unit.

Are you discarding or recycling documents that are required to be shredded? It's time to hire a paper shredding company.