Why Your Business Needs a Records Storage Solution

Posted on Wed, 09/12/2018
Off-site document storage

By Rich Martin and John Klise

The average business these days — even small ones — deals with a tremendous amount of data. From invoices and receipts to tax records, contracts, and all the data that’s key to the running of the business, this means a lot to organize, keep track of, and protect. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in paper format or stored on discs and hard drives; over the years, all of this data can add up to one giant headache for business owners worried about records storage.


This is why many companies are turning to off-site records storage solutions. There are many benefits to letting the professionals manage your data, and here are just a few.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Records Storage Solution

1. Free Up Physical Space

Although it may only take up a filing cabinet or two when your business starts out, paperwork can really begin to stack up over time. Many businesses begin to become overwhelmed by records storage when the sheer number of files and boxes begins to take over entire rooms in their offices. For businesses without the luxury of having extra storage space, the overflow of records and paperwork can quickly become a disorganized nightmare.


Off-site records storage frees you up to use your space to take care of business rather than housing mountains of file boxes or rows of file cabinets.


2. Ease of Retrieval

Everything started out perfectly organized in the beginning, didn’t it? You had the best intentions as you first began filing away important business documents and records. Over time, however, as things stacked up, files didn’t get put where they should, boxes got shifted around, and now finding a document or drive when you need it is practically impossible.

This is yet another reason many business owners opt to use professional records storage solutions. Cutting-edge document tracking systems allow document boxes and even specific files to be bar-coded, inventoried, and located quickly and efficiently. You’ll never lose a document again … or lose 45 minutes trying to track it down.

3. Thwart Thieves

Companies often don’t realize that their store of data makes a tantalizing target for enterprising thieves. This increases the risk of burglary, but your business environment could also provide an open season on important data (sensitive client information, for example) to dishonest employees.

Rather than lock this kind of data away on-site, it’s often a more secure strategy to house it elsewhere. Not only does this better ensure its protection from thieves; it also means that documents will only be accessible by authorized individuals.

4. Regulatory Compliance

Depending on what industry you’re in, there may be a slew of regulations governing what data must be kept, demanding that it be accessible in case of an audit, and determining how long the data should be kept/can be kept before it is destroyed. Failing to comply with these laws can spell big legal trouble, but attempting to achieve full compliance can be frustrating if you go it alone.


Professional records storage companies understand the nature of these issues. Record-tracking technology allows these firms to generate exhaustive reports on all the files being stored, including information on file status and destroy dates. This will ensure that files are kept as long as they’re needed while preventing a buildup of data that can no longer be legally retained.

5. Natural Disasters

It seems that all one needs to do is flip on the news these days to see yet another natural disaster wreaking havoc somewhere in the country. Flash floods, wildfires, tornadoes, earthquakes, and hurricanes destroy millions of dollars in residential and commercial assets every year. When disaster strikes, businesses lose more than just merchandise and equipment; they also often lose essential records and information that was stored in the building that was damaged or demolished.

Of all the reasons to use an off-site records storage firm, this reason is probably the most pressing. To many businesses, a loss of essential documents in a flood or a fire could be devastating. Document solutions companies use warehouse storage facilities that are secure and outfitted with comprehensive sprinkler systems, as well as sensors for heat and smoke.


Although these are all very real benefits to using a records storage company, the biggest benefit is peace of mind. When you don’t have to worry about searching for or losing important documents or data, it frees you up to do what you do best — running your business.


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